While AMC still isn’t planning any crossovers between “The Walking Dead” and its record-breaking companion seriesFear the Walking Dead,” a new special will bridge the gap between the two shows, in a manner of speaking.

Variety has confirmed that a standalone “Walking Dead” web series is in the works, with plans to debut installments of the self-contained story both online and during commercial breaks for “The Walking Dead” season six. Entertainment Weekly, who first broke the news, describes the project as a half-hour special, but reps for AMC say it has yet to be determined how the story will be divided up for broadcast, or the length of each installment.

The web series is set on an airplane during the time period explored in “Fear the Walking Dead,” prior to the collapse of society. It will center around a group of people who must face a walker attack while the plane is in mid-flight. One character who survives the zombie encounter will then join season two of “Fear,” which will continue to explore what happened to humanity in the weeks before Rick Grimes woke from his coma in the first episode of “The Walking Dead.”

The special will be produced by “Fear” showrunner Dave Erickson and co-executive producer David Weiner.

“Fear the Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. “The Walking Dead” returns Sunday, Oct. 11.