“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver has announced that he will soon publish a new book supposedly titled “Stranger Than Truth: John Oliver’s 101 Favorite History Lies.”

Except, of course, he’s lying. Again. As he is wont to do on his show.

“This entire video has been a total waste of everyone’s time,” he said at the end of the above clip.

Sadly, fans will not get to hear stories of Paul Revere’s horse allergies or that Abraham Lincoln once pardoned John Wilkes Booth for his drunken relations with an animal. (This may be for the best. In 2004, the staff of a pre-Oliver “The Daily Show” published “America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction”).

“There is absolutely nothing more fun than lying confidently about human history,” said Oliver.

Except for maybe lying about geography, at which Oliver also excels.

Simon and Schuster, the supposed publisher of “Stranger Than Truth,” that ball is now in your court.