Watching people learn to survive at the beginning of the apocalypse will be one of the attractions of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

The 30-second teaser to AMC’s prequel to its juggernaut series “The Walking Dead” shows executive producer Robert Kirkman discussing how the companion series will differ from the main one due to its setting at the beginning of the zombie outbreak.

“We’re going to see zombies unlike we’ve ever seen before,” he said in the video.

“Fear the Walking Dead” showrunner Dave Erickson recently told Variety that the starting point of the show appealed to Kirkman. It was “an opportunity to look at certain elements of the show and of the comic that he may not have explored as much as he wanted.”

But don’t expect “Fear the Walking Dead,” which debuts Aug. 23, to cross paths with the core show in its six-episode first season — or to learn how the epidemic that ravages the world came about happening.

“It’s really not about the why, and it’s not about a cure. That’s never been the intention that Robert had in the comics, and it’s not the intention of the show,” Erickson said during the show’s Television Critics Association panel. “It’s not an origin story in terms of finding out exactly how the epidemic started, but it is an origin story in seeing how it began to destroy the world.”