Viacom and TiVo have entered into a strategic partnership that will have the entertainment company using TiVo set-top box viewers data to help advertisers place commercials in more precise fashion along its various cable networks.

“This partnership will not only enable advertisers to see how effectively a campaign reached the target audience, but it will shed light on whether the campaign enticed consumers to take action such as going to a store or buying a product,” said Frank Foster, senior vice president and general manager of TiVo Research, said in a prepared statement.

The alliance is the first of its sort for TiVo with a media company, the technology company said.

Viacom has in recent months burnished “Viacom Vantage,” a technology service that is available to certain advertisers and allows the sponsor to use a Viacom distillation of data from a bevy of sources to hone in on a particular kind of consumer, and then buy ads in a way to make sure the commercials are placed in front of that target.