When we last left them, things were not looking well for the two couples at the center of creators Steve Zissis and Jay and Mark Duplass’ HBO dramedy “Togetherness.”

But the recently released trailer for season two suggests that the characters are feeling better — although it’s unclear if these optimistic moments of shopping and primping are because of any rebounds resulting from the season one finale that alluded to an affair that could tear apart one couple while another fizzled at the start when practicality got in the way of true emotions.

“In our experience, the more specific that we’ve gotten about real life as we know it, weirdly the more enjoyable and relatable it seems to be to other people,” Jay Duplass told Variety last summer. “We have just constantly challenged ourselves to get very specific and very real, particularly with this show. There is literally not anything that has happened in the show that hasn’t happened to someone we know.”

“Togetherness” season two premieres at 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 21.