Steven R. McQueen is leaving “The Vampire Diaries” this season, showrunner Julie Plec tells Variety.

“We’re saying goodbye to Steven McQueen, as a series regular, in the 14th episode,” Plec said of the actor who plays Jeremy Gilbert. “I was there when we were shooting his last scene and, spoiler alert, it’s not a death scene because that would just be too mean.”

She added, “I got really nostalgic and really emotional about it because I said to Ian [Somerhalder], every episode and every character goodbye that we do now feels like we’re just one goodbye closer to the end. I’m sure there’s somebody out there that wants the show to go 20 seasons, but it won’t. It will go eight, it’ll go seven, it’ll go nine, whatever, but we’ve done six, so we’re in the third act of our story — so everything is leading us toward the end. Every goodbye actually hurts a bit. I’ve become so close to these people. You don’t spend that much time with people and not fall in love with them.”

Plec, who will make her directorial debut this season, has nothing to worry about just yet. “Vampire Diaries” was renewed for season seven, announced at Sunday’s Television Critics Assn.

The CW confirmed to Variety that McQueen is departing the show.