SPOILERS: “The Originals” fans who have not seen the season three winter finale “Savior” should stop reading.

The happy, family-centric white Christmas that the Mikaelson siblings had hoped for did not last for long. While Rebekah (Claire Holt) was briefly resurrected in time for the holiday, her Strix curse infliction resulted in her begging for a mercy stabbing from big brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) — thus enacting the first step of the prophecy that the family will fall “one by friend, one by foe and one by family.”

Also damaging: While Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Cami (Leah Pipes) finally ignited that passion they had been circling since season one, their happiness was brief. Klaus awoke to find Cami in bed next to him with her throat slashed. This undoing came from his vengeful ex Aurora (Rebecca Breeds). If this weren’t bad enough, Aurora’s equally evil brother Tristan (Oliver Ackland) has laid a dangerous trap for Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) to ensure his loyalty to him over the Mikaelsons.

For some clarity on these events and also for what’s in store for the second half of the season, Variety spoke with “The Originals” creator Julie Plec.

Cami appears to be dead! Why did the writers decide to go that route?

We believed it was important to show Aurora’s instability, jealousy, insecurity and viciousness in the worst way possible — that hell has no fury in the way that only a horrible ex can do. This was a horribly extreme result of Aurora feeling slighted and that Klaus doesn’t love her enough and has cemented her as one of the big villains that we have to deal with.

Leah Pipes did an interview recently where she said she didn’t want to lose her job. Is Cami done for good?

This isn’t the last we’ve seen Leah Pipes grace the screen of this show. The question is what context we’ll see her again and just how tragic that will be.

Cami and Klaus did get that one kiss — and more.

It’s been a dance with them for awhile because she has admitted that she’s drawn to him in spite of herself and we know that Klaus is constantly conflicted by the harder side of him that refuses to open up and the side of him that will let himself be loved and have these very poetic interludes with women throughout his life.

I think he was battling with what Cami meant to him. It took putting him up against one of the first women in his life to realize how special she is and how much power she has over him.

Klaus is going to be really angry in the next few episodes.

Well, there’s nothing more fun than a pissed off Klaus. In spite of the turn of events for him, he does get the bite of the vengeance bug. Once he finally gets his hands on Aurora, it’s not going to be pretty.

How will Elijah cope with his grief of staking Rebekah?

I love that scene so much. I thought Daniel Gillies was so good in that scene.

He’s really heartbroken, especially given how he feels about daggers in general, to be the responsible big brother and do the right thing for the family as a whole. In this particular case, he understands that Rebekah needs to be put down. In spite of wishing there was another way out of this, he understands that this is the best strategy.

Things aren’t also looking good for Vincent either.

Vincent, after finally realizing that avoiding magic is about easy as catching a taxi on Bourbon Street, is now realizing that he’s come up against a pretty deep held grudge with Tristan — and Tristan will use any way to get back at the Mikaelsons.

But Vincent is a pretty strong guy and he doesn’t like to be pushed around. If there’s anyone who is capable of taking care of himself, it’s him.