Producers and stars of HBO’s “The Brink” were asked Thursday whether they are concerned that the terrorism theme of their upcoming comedy would make them a potential target of an extremist group in the wake of the deadly attack in Paris on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo.

The answer was a defiant no.

“We made it for entertainment value,” exec producer Jerry Weintraub said during HBO’s presentation at the Television Critics Assn. press tour in Pasadena. “No fear on this stage.”

Weintraub emphasized the importance of Hollywood creatives asserting their right to free speech, even in the face of threats. Reporters during the session noted that Showtime’s portrayal of politics in Pakistan during the fourth season of “Homeland” was criticized by many in that nation. “Brink” is also set in Pakistan.

When asked how he thinks “they” will react to his satirical political series, Weintraub turned the question around. “Who? Showtime?” he quipped.

Jack Black, Tim Robbins and Pablo Schreiber star as three very different men who have to save the planet from World War III. Black also made light of the threat that “Brink” could stir an international incident.

“Pakistan was mad at ‘Homeland’? Are you sure?” he joked. “I think there might be a little gossip going around.”

Roberto Benabib, who exec produces with Weintraub and Jay Roach, assured the room that the creative team took all measures to achieve an accurate depiction, bringing Pakistani advisers on set to examine every detail. “I can’t speak to ‘Homeland’ or what that response was…we took great pains to make sure our portrayal of Pakistan was real,” Benabib said.

Weintraub took a note from Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, who deflected questions about “The Interview” during Wednesday’s TCA panel.

“‘The Interview’ is ‘The Interview,'” Weintraub said. “It’s got nothing to with us — except this interview.”

However, he did confirm one piece of information: “Kim Jong-un is not in this show.”