Jeff Garlin kept the ballroom laughing Tuesday afternoon during a lively Television Critics Assn. press tour panel for ABC’s family comedy “The Goldbergs.” The actor also hinted at what he said was a “51 percent chance” that Larry David will produce more episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for HBO.

Garlin spoke about the behind-the-scenes challenges of having his patriarch character, Murray Goldberg, appear so often in tighty whitey underparts. ABC’s standards and practices execs have insisted that the actor wear at least two pairs of undies for each scene, because of what he described as concerns raised by execs about seeing “movement” and “shadows.” He now dons a “special thing,” which he said “reminds me of kneepads when I played football.”

Garlin was asked about the possibility of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” returning to HBO. The David-produced series hasn’t delivered new episodes since 2011, but Garlin, who co-starred as David’s manager, hasn’t given up hope. He said “there’s a decent chance” that David will eventually come around to writing a few new scripts. Yet he also noted that “Larry David is so godamn rich he doesn’t have to do anything unless it’s good.”

“Goldbergs” creator/exec producer Adam Goldberg said the series would open its third season with an episode that paid homage to the 1982 comedy “Risky Business,” in keeping with the 1980s-set show’s pattern of paying tribute to films of the era. “We’re crashing cars, doing the whole splash,” Goldberg assured.

Working films into the show isn’t easy, however, as it involves a thicket of rights issues, he said. The writers have written a script for a Halloween-themed episode invoking the Michael Jackson music video “Thriller,” but the writers of the song have nixed its use on TV, Goldberg said.