Surround lighting is about to join surround sound in the living room.

For the launch of Syfy’s new sci-fi series “12 Monkeys,” the cable network has paired up with Philips to alter the lighting effects in a room depending on what’s happening on TV.

In order to make it work, however, users will have to own Philips Hue lightbulbs, and download an app to their smartphones or tablets that connects the lights to the onscreen action. When combined, the app will detect audio cues from “12 Monkeys” and translate them into ambient lighting effects designed to engage viewers in an entirely unique way.

The experience will be available for the full season of “12 Monkeys,” which launches Jan. 16. The first season will have 13 episodes. Announcement was made at the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“We constantly look for new and innovative ways to create the optimal environment in the home through unique lighting experiences, from everyday tasks to deeper engagement with your favorite TV shows such as ’12 Monkeys,'” said Amy Huntington, president of Philips Lighting – Americas.

Philips also had worked with Syfy to synch the Hue lighting system with the soundtrack of “Sharknado 2.”

“Working with Syfy on ‘Sharknado 2,’ we gave viewers a whole new way to experience television, and with ’12 Monkeys’ our partnership pushes the envelope from a movie to the first television series with integrated light tracks,” Huntington said.

Philips now has more than 200 third-party applications developed for Hue.