Jackass” star Steve-O was arrested Sunday evening after climbing a 100-foot construction crane in Hollywood.

The former TV star, whose real name is Stephen Glover, was protesting against SeaWorld. He live-streamed the stunt, which he had teased on Instagram earlier that day, on Facebook. He descended of his own free will and was taken into custody by LAPD officers.

Steve-O, who wore a “Blackfish” T-shirt, inflated a large Orca balloon and lit fireworks when standing atop the crane.

Police are still investigating what charges apply. He’s expected to be fined on suspicion of trespassing, setting a firework without a permit and conspiracy to commit a crime, according to the Los Angeles Times.

More than 80 firefighters and 30 LAPD officers were called to the contraction site around 8 p.m. when passersby reported a possible suicide attempt.

Steve-O was charged with a traffic infraction last year for another anti-SeaWorld demonstration in which he defaced a San Diego freeway sign.