Shari Post, who has supervised ad sales for primetime and other dayparts at the NBC broadcast network, is leaving NBCUniversal as part of a restructuring, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.

Post has been with the network for more than two decades and most recently reported to Dan Lovinger, a NBCUniversal executive vice president who oversees ad sales for both USA and NBC.

NBCUniversal declined to comment on the departure.

Post has been a familiar face to the network’s sponsors and had risen through the ranks. Prior to being named vice president of NBC primetime ad sales in 2008, she ran sales for late-night and daytime programming at the network. By 2013, she was overseeing nearly all sales for the network, and reporting to Jim Hoffman. Hoffman, another veteran at NBCUniversal, left the company in 2014.

In 2009, Post was involved with a unique and rather complex advertising effort that allowed Home Depot to combine a weekend weather forecast with a TV commercial talking about home-improvement ideas that might be tackled during weekend leisure time. The effort required weather personnel to tape a forecast in the afternoon leading up to when the ads were supposed to run, so that the advertising was relevant at the time it was broadcast.