Shameless” returns with its fifth season Sunday, and Emmy Rossum promises that Fiona is far from getting it together. Something she does get, however, is a new love interest — and then some.

“She’s fresh out of jail, she’s getting her ankle monitor off, she’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow,” Rossum tells Variety. “She’s, of course, attracted to her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, played by Dermott Mulroney, which is very exciting. Excellent actor.”

Rossum adds that viewers should expect a love triangle and many men in Fiona’s life. “There are a couple of romances.”

As for Mulroney’s character? “He kind of rejects her initially and, of course, that does not make her pleased. There’s an initial attraction between them, which might turn into something more or different.”

After an entire season off the show, besides a surprise appearance on the season-four finale, Justin Chatwin returns for the new round of episodes, pleasing not only “Shameless” fans but Rossum herself.

“The Jimmy/Steve character will be back,” she confirms. “I was really happy about that because I had really campaigned hard to bring him back. I didn’t feel like we had closed up that storyline well. So I’m very excited that he’s back. He’s back!”

“Shameless” premieres Sunday, Jan. 11, on Showtime.