Watch: Seth Meyers Re-created David Letterman’s ‘Late Night’ Opening

Since Bill Murray stole the whole “jumping out of a cake” bit, Seth Meyers decided to go a different direction to pay homage to David Letterman as he ends his latenight reign. The show created a shot-for-shot remake of Letterman’s original opening title sequence.

“We went out to the same streets, the same buildings and reshot the opening,” Meyers said. He joked that the biggest difference they found between the New York of 1982 and today’s city is the lack of porn theaters.

Meyers hosts the fourth incarnation of NBC’s “Late Night,” which Letterman created in 1982. He joins a long list of celebrities paying tribute to Letterman, who will wrap the “Late Show” Wednesday night on CBS.

Here’s the original “Late Night” opening for reference.