Spoiler alert: Do not read unless you’ve watched the Oct. 13th episode of “Scream Queens,” titled “Pumpkin Patch.”

Now that the missing bodies have been discovered, it was only a matter of time before the Chanels turned on each other — and indeed, it’s now all-out war between the once-inseparable sorority sisters. Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) got arrested for the murder of Ms. Bean. But it’s all because Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) was jealous that Chanel had been getting all the glory. It was a feud of epic proportions — with deadly consequences.

“It was one of my favorite episodes to film because you get to see #5 losing it a little bit,” says Breslin. “She’s definitely threatened by Lea’s character, Hester, becoming Chanel #6, and she doesn’t really like that. Chanel sees that weakness and is exploiting it.”

What set the war in motion were the upcoming plans for Halloween — or the lack thereof, since the Dean (Jamie Lee Curtis) threatened to cancel the celebrations on campus. The sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau were planning to dress like the wives of fallen Presidents. “Chanel is going to be Jackie O, and #5 isn’t happy about that,” says Breslin — since it was her character’s idea in the first place.

Then Chanel got arrested — but she got bailed out and started plotting her revenge on the person she suspected of putting her behind bars. “Chanel thinks that #5 is the one who rats her out to the police,” says Breslin. “So she sends her alone to the pumpkin maze she’s created, and some trouble ensues with the Red Devil.”

Turns out that Chanel #5 has been sleeping with both Rodger and Dodger, the preppy, well-dressed twins — so she brought them along to protect her. “She’s doing well for herself,” jokes Breslin. “But they’re the worst boyfriends ever. Even though the Red Devil shows up and chases them through the maze, they decide to confront her about their relationship status as they’re trying to get away from the killer. #5 ends up choosing Rodger, but I don’t think there’s a lot of thought as to why.”

That left Dodger stranded — making him the Red Devil’s victim of the week. Austin Rhodes, who plays the unlucky Dodger, says he’s sad to see his days on “Scream Queens” come to an end, adding it’s been a surreal experience. “We came from a small town in Ohio, moved to L.A., and (executive producer) Ryan (Murphy) plucked us out and put us in our show,” says Rhodes. “It’s been like a dream come true.”

So who does he think is the killer? “We know there are multiple Red Devils,” he says. His top suspects: “Nick Jonas and one of the Chanels. Those looks she gives!”

As for Breslin, she says her suspicions change every day. “I feel like it could be Wes (Oliver Hudson), because he always seems lurky and creepy,” she says.