Yes, Oliver Hudson has a “dad bod.” And he’s not apologizing for it.

Among the many plot twists in Tuesday night’s “Scream Queens” finale, Hudson’s character, Wes, was sent by his daughter to seduce Dean Munsch, played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Clad in nothing but a Speedo — and holding a red rose — Hudson had a sweaty bedroom romp with Curtis, even though he admits he wasn’t quite in shape for the scene.

When he read the scene, his reaction was “utter fear,” he admits. “It’s probably been the worst summer of my life as far as physical activity goes. I hurt my ankle, I tore ligaments so I wasn’t able to work out. I was in New Orleans so I was drinking like a fish with my wife, having the best time of my life. And I just gained a s—tload of weight. I was fat and happy — and then I read this scene.”

But when it came time to film the scene, he says he actually enjoyed it. “I love making a fool of myself,” he says. “I love physical comedy. At the end of the day, Jamie said it actually works that you’re sort of soft and you’ve got that dad bod going on. She’s not wrong. It adds to the humor that I’m out of shape and frumpy.”

As for the Red Devil killer reveal, he says, “Honestly, could it have been anybody else?” he laughs. “Just from a Ryan Murphy acting standpoint, it had to be Lea.”

The cast, he says, was taken by surprise. “We all were toying with the idea of it being Melanie Dorkus or some obscure character,” says Hudson. “But then we thought, from what the audience wants standpoint, you can’t do that. It’s dissatisfying. It has to be one of the bigger girls. Lea was always one of the main suspects.”

He also has a theory that there was a giveaway scene in the sorority house when the Chanels were playing with the Ouija board, trying to contact Chanel #2 — and in answer to the question, “Are you the killer?” the pointer spelled out Y-O-U. “There was an overhead shot that points right at Hester,” he says. “I wonder if that’s total coincidence or not.”

That said, he admits he would have loved to have been the killer. “Since the very beginning, I thought I had a chance,” he says. “Even until the very end. And then I read I was in a Speedo with Jamie.”