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On tonight’s “Scream Queens,” the comedy/horror series from executive producer Ryan Murphy, the Red Devil killer will be revealed — and the cast promises a satisfying conclusion to the season-long mystery.

“Honestly, could it have been anybody else?” says Oliver Hudson, who plays Wes, the overprotective father to Skyler Samuels’ sorority pledge, Grace. “It was always a mystery throughout the show for all of us. We had no idea until we were given the final script. But when it came down to who it was, it was explained pretty well how it was that this person was the killer.”

Throughout the season, the cast entertained themselves by speculating about which of them was the Red Devil killer. “There were theories flying all over the set, ranging from the plausible to the completely insane,” recounts Hudson. “One of them was that Pete (Diego Boneta) was actually transgender. It was a crazy theory that he was so obsessed with Chanel (Emma Roberts) that he wanted to become her. All of a sudden that theory started to hold weight! It went from there to the basic that Wes is avenging the murder of his baby’s mama.”

But when the killer was ultimately revealed, Hudson said it took him by surprise. “I honestly didn’t know,” he said. “I had no solid idea. It could have anybody.”

The two-hour season finale of “Scream Queens” airs tonight at 8pm on Fox.