Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the October 6 episode of “Scream Queens.”

Each week on “Scream Queens,” the Red Devil killer has been wreaking havoc on the campus and claiming his victims with unbridled glee. But this week, things took a surprising turn when, rather than murdering college student Zayday (Keke Palmer), he kidnapped her. Palmer talked to Variety about what this latest twist means.

First of all, are you enjoying the feedback you’re getting from fans?

I am. I’m excited. Knowing the episodes, knowing which one is coming next, [I like] seeing how everyone’s getting into each character. It’s going to be awesome to see how everything unravels for them. And also for myself, because I still don’t know who the killer is.

You don’t? Do you have a theory?

I do. I have a couple of theories based on what I know so far. The one I think is the killer is Pete (Diego Boneta).

Why do you suspect him?

It’s stuff that hasn’t been revealed just yet. But there are lot of things that make me think he is the killer.

So the Red Devil kidnaps you. Why?

I have no idea! He must want to know something. It could be a sham.

Are you in cahoots with the Red Devil?

Could be! It’s all a possibility when you’re doing a Ryan Murphy show.

So we should be suspicious that you’ve been kidnapped vs. being killed, like all his other victims.

If I were you, I would be. I’d be very suspicious that I’ve been kidnapped and not killed. Because he’s killed everybody. Everyone he’s killed, they’ve been gone quickly.

Do the others come looking for you?

Definitely. Especially Grace (Skyler Samuels). She starts the search immediately.

What about Denise (Niecy Nash)? She suspected you last week. Do you know why?

I don’t know why she’s so obsessed with Zayday. It could be personal. We’ve learned a lot about Denise’s connection to Kappa House.

Why did you decide to challenge Chanel (Emma Roberts) and run for president of Kappa Kappa Tau?

Zayday is naturally the type of person who’s always fighting for improvement. She’s fighting for the truth. She wants structure. She’s a very driven person. That’s been her whole thing since the jump. Her initial reason for getting involved with Kappa House wasn’t necessarily because she wanted to pledge, but because she wanted to be supportive of her friend and she wanted to be there to give balance. But when she went into Kappa House and she saw the disrespect Grace and the other girls were receiving, her natural instincts emerged and she wanted to find a way to give the house more structure.

She’s not scared of Chanel?

No, she’s not scared of anybody.

Her decision to host a haunted house doesn’t go very well.

No. it doesn’t go so well. A lot of things end up arising in the midst of them getting ready for the haunted house and a lot of things are revealed about the killer. Who they might be. What their connections to Kappa House might be.

And the missing bodies finally get discovered.

Viewers are going to be blown away. They’re going to wonder how they got there. They’re going to wonder who moved them. Who’s doing this? Why are they doing this? How are they doing this? How are they connected? And you know for a fact it’s one of your favorite characters who’s doing it.