(Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the season finale of “Scandal.”)

Looks like there’s a new chief in town — White House chief of staff, that is.

Portia de Rossi, who plays Elizabeth North (aka “Lizzy Bear”), has become a series regular on “Scandal,” Variety has confirmed.

In the season finale, it was revealed that she’s getting a big promotion: After Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) was fired as White House chief of staff by President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), Elizabeth was seen moving her things into Cyrus’ office. She’d successfully connived her way into the job after revealing to Fitz just how nefarious his wife and Cyrus could be.

A longtime fan of the show, de Rossi signed on for the hit ABC series last season, and quickly distinguished herself as the chair of the Republican National Committee, and later the head of First Lady Mellie Grant’s campaign as she ran for the U.S. Senate.