Ryan Seacrest Productions Launches First International Series With ‘Babushka’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Donato Sardella/WireImage

TEL AVIV – Ryan Seacrest Productions has linked up with leading Israeli distribution group Armoza Formats and France’s TF1 for the primetime gameshow “Babushka,” which will be launched at the MipTV market next month.

“Babushka” takes the concept of the classic Russian nesting doll and brings it to life in a high-stakes on-air challenge, with contestants having to choose which dolls will reveal up to $500,000 and which will send them packing from the stage.

An empty doll means the player loses all money accumulated up to that point, whereas the discovery of a smaller doll keeps them in the game and on the road to earning more cash.

“Babushka” marks RSP’s first-ever international production. The concept, says RSP prexy Eugene Young, is “the next generation of TV programming.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Armoza and TF1,” he added. “The combination of such an engaging and emotional game show and the fresh take of bringing contestants along for the whole ride struck us from the first moment and led us to choose it as the first format we have taken on as an international partnership.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Productions, told Variety that his production house has high hopes for the concept. “We’ve been engaged with Ryan Seacrest Productions over the past year, and have been searching for the ideal project on which to work together,” he said.

The French, Israeli and American trio of producers will present “Babushka” at MipTV, which runs April 13-16 in Cannes.