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After four seasons, double infinity is coming to a close.

Heading into the “Revenge” series finale, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) is alive and out for a vengeance to take down Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp), once and for all. Meanwhile, while Emily/Amanda is stuck in jail, accused for Victoria’s fake murder, David Clarke’s (James Tupper) life is on the line, as he battles a fatal cancer diagnosis, and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) returns with a secret that will change everything.

Showrunner Sunil Nayar teases Sunday night’s finale, telling Variety, “those who make it out are certainly scarred,” but also confirms two major deaths in the final episode. So who will make it out alive? And how will Emily/Amanda’s love story wrap up?

Nayar sheds some light on the Hamptons, one last time:

Does Emily get the justice that she’s been seeking for four seasons?

I think that everybody has the ending that they have earned by being in this world for four years. I think that each character has had moments of great redemption and great destruction. Those who make it out are certainly scarred with the journey of having to get out of it, and those who don’t make it out, as intense as their actions are, there’s always sort of an under-card of dignity that follows the loss, so I think that everyone gets the ending that they deserve on a happiness level and on an unhappiness level.

I think most everyone has been rooting for Emily/Amanda throughout the series, but she’s definitely done some terrible things, as well.

Exactly. And there are definitely repercussions for those actions, which you’ll see in the series finale.

Will Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Emily/Amanda fans be pleased with the outcome next week?

Uhhh, I think they will be very satisfied. I think there are really surprising moments and I think there are really moving moments. But I think that the people who are rooting to have an end, the moments that they are looking for in the Jack and Emily story, I think are the moments they will get.

Who does Emily really love — Daniel (Josh Bowman), Aiden (Barry Slone) or Jack?

That’s a great question, and another question that we will answer in the series finale — definitively.

This is ‘Revenge,’ but I know Daniel can’t come back from the dead at this point — but to wrap up the story, will we get some sort of remembrance of him in the final episode?

A little bit maybe. There’s definitely a moment that we will take with Daniel in the finale, so he’s gone, but not forgotten.

When Daniel (Josh Bowman) was killed off, did you know that the series was wrapping up?

That’s a really good question. We had a sense that we wanted to finish telling this version of the story. When Josh and I spoke about maybe Daniel’s departure at the very beginning of the season, definitely the creative team thought we are chugging towards what we hope is an end point, story-wise. It was a huge, huge moment in the show, but it was also the challenge of taking Daniel full circle and having him do this hugely redemptive thing at the end, and it was also in tandem of pushing Victoria to the edge even more than she had been, and taking Margaux (Karine Vanasse) on a journey where we could really make her dark the way that we wanted to, and we felt that Daniel’s death was a really fantastic catalyst for all those story points that we wanted to get us to the end of the season and the series. It was a great end for a character, and also a great splashy moment for the show, but it also helped catalyze where a lot of these characters went after that for the rest of the season.

What storylines were most important that you wanted to make sure wrapped up this season?

In truth, everybody’s storylines. We had such a good cast and so many people died as the series went on, so when there are about six or seven people standing at the end of the show, you really want to make sure that each of them has reached a point that is a conclusion for where their story is and where their character is. As we really built towards these last few episodes, we wanted to make sure that no one felt forgotten or was lost in the mix. But obviously, Amanda and Victoria, as the women on the poster, those are the stories that required the greatest care and examination, as we got to the end. So we spent a ton of time talking about where those two women’s journeys end. But honestly, we found surprising and wonderful ends for all of our characters.

What will you miss most about the show?

The saddest thing about knowing that a show is over — and it’s great feeling creatively very satisfied with how it went — but it’s heartbreaking to know that there’s suddenly a group of people that I don’t work with anymore. That’s the sad part of this industry. The crew of this show is extraordinary and so unsung for what they’ve managed to pull off from the design standpoint to the costumes to the music.

Looking back on the entire series, is there one specific moment that really sticks out, as the most emotional?

Gosh. There are just so many. I think a lot of the moments, interestingly, have been when either Victoria or Emily recount the suffering that they’ve had to do. I thought that so much of that interview that Emily gave when she went on TV and ended up talking about Victoria was so tremendous because she really took you through what her character has been through in the whole show. I thought that as a piece of acting, it was really amazing. This scene between Victoria and Emily and in the finale is one for the ages, both from an acting standpoint and story standpoint. I think that is one I will remember forever.

If you had done a fifth season, what direction would you have wanted to go in?

We set up a couple of things in the series finale that gave us sort of a loose pitch that I made to the network in the most general way, but it felt like a way to kick off a story in a believable way, but by the same token, it would have been a completely new story honestly. There would have been no remnants of this version of “Revenge” that would have sustained into Season 5.