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Once Upon a Time” star Jennifer Morrison (who plays Emma Swan) and creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis visited New York Comic Con on Friday afternoon to discuss what’s ahead for season 5, presenting a preview of Sunday’s episode for a packed house.

After the screening, Kitsis and Horowitz spilled plenty of hints about what fans can expect in upcoming “OUAT” episodes. Here’s what we learned:

— The creators are planning an extended two-hour episode to air on Nov. 15, which will feature an adventure with characters Merida (Amy Manson), Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Ruby (Meghan Ory). Later this season, the show will air its 100th episode, which is slated for March 6.

— The producers are also currently casting a young version of Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and his father for a flashback to the pirate’s childhood.

— An upcoming episode will focus on Lancelot (Sinqua Walls) and delve deeper into the iconic love triangle between him, Guinevere (Joana Metrass) and Arthur (Liam Garrigan).

— The fourth episode of season 5 will also feature an unlikely team-up between Hook, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) and Regina (Lana Parrilla), for reasons that will become clear in this Sunday’s installment.

— Fans can also look forward to “an adventure with Hook and the Evil Queen” in the first half of the season.

— Merlin (Elliot Knight) might’ve seemed ominous when he appeared as an usher at a movie theater and issued Emma a prophetic warning, but the producers assure us “he’s a good force.”

— Morrison describes Dark Swan as “complicated,” because “Emma is still the savior — it’s not that she’s not Emma. She’s the savior with darkness in her… a cauldron of constant conflict. At certain times the dark is winning and sometimes the light is winning.” This will create plenty of contradictions in her behavior as she attempts to earn Hook and Henry’s trust, Morrison teases. “The struggle that she’s going through internally is very real and very intense and it’s been a lot of fun to play.”

— The producers ominously preview that out of everyone’s story lines this season, “Henry’s will break your heart,” but “the others are definitely a roller coaster.”

— Much like previous seasons, the second half of the season will contain a different arc from the first half. How would the producers describe the second half of the season? “Hell,” Kitsis deadpans.