TV networks rushed to cover the reaction to the killing of 12 staffers at the headquarters of Paris satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, making the story the hot topic of everything from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to CBS News’ new CBSN online-streaming news service.

Cable-news outlets began covering the story early this morning, with CNN breaking in at about 6:13 a.m. to tell viewers of several people being killed in a shooting in France. Fox News Channel alerted viewers at 6:24 a.m. during “Fox & Friends” while on-air correspondents at “Morning Joe” followed up more than 20 minutes later with news of the shooting, according to the TVNewser. NBC News broke in at 6:47 a.m with a special report anchored by Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie.

The networks followed the story throughout the morning. “Morning Joe” was first to have reaction from White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, at 7:34 a.m., and has gone into “rolling” press coverage of the story, a spokeswoman said. Correspondent Cassie Vinograd is reporting for MSNBC from Paris.

Greg Palkot, senior foreign affairs correspondent. will be in Paris covering the attack with contributions from Kitty Logan in London and chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge from Washington, D.C. The network will feature live broadcasts of both “The O’Reilly Factor” and “The Kelly File” Wednesday evening.

At CNN, Paris correspondent Jim Bitterman began reporting early this morning, while Christiane Amanpour has appeared on air from London. CNN and CNNI were simulcast.

The broadcast networks moved to cover the story more strongly after President Obama offered remarks on the tragedy at about noon Wednesday. Cynthia McFadden anchored a special report for NBC News, while George Stephanopoulos anchored an ABC News special report with assistance from Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross and Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl. CBS News covered the President’s statement via CBSN.