NBC continues to tinker with the advertising schedule of its broadcast for Super Bowl XLIX in the hours leading up to the game.

A spokesman for the Lexus division of Toyota said Saturday evening that the automaker would now have two 30-second ads in the game, as opposed to the one originally scheduled. The spokesman, Maurice Durand, said Lexus would take a 30-second spot for its RC Couple originally slated to air during NBC’s pre-game coverage and place it instead during the big event.

Meantime, a spokeswoman for GoDaddy, Elizabeth Driscoll, said the company had been told NBC moved its ad to what is known as slot “11B,” a berth that airs around the game’s two-minute warning in the first half. The ad had originally been slated for the third quarter.

Such horse-trading is not atypical as a network prepares a Super Bowl broadcast, depending on the final list of commercials, promos and local ad breaks the outlet must run. TV networks strive to keep advertising competitors in separate ad breaks, and this year’s game includes two different soda marketers – Pepsi and Coca-Cola; three Web-services advertisers – Wix.com, GoDaddy and Squarespace; and multiple auto companies.

Sometimes, the switches can be a harbinger of interesting things to come. Fox in 2011 had to make changes to the roster for 2011’s Super Bowl XLV. As it turned out, Chrysler purchased two minutes of ad time for a single commercial, which resulted in a big-splash ad featuring an ad touting the auto industry’s emergence from economic recession.