Olivia Pope’s Gladiators will have their work cut out for them when Lena Dunham arrives for her “Scandal” guest role later this month. Plus, Dan Bucatinsky is set to return to the political drama.

Yes, you read that correctly: Dan Bucatinsky, whose fan-favorite character James was killed off on Season 3, is returning for a guest spot.

No, James is not coming back from the dead, but Bucatinsky is set to return for one episode through a series of flashbacks, Variety has confirmed. Bucatinsky’s episode will center around his widower Cyrus (Jeff Perry).

Ex vice prez Sally Langston (Kate Burton) will also appear in the episode.

As for Lena Dunham, the “Girls” star and self-proclaimed “Scandal” super-fan will make her TGIT debut on the March 19 episode, which sees Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) handle a woman she learns is planning to expose the sex secrets of Washington D.C.’s most elite. According to the first photos (below), set in OPA, Dunham likely plays that woman.

Off camera, Dunham is repped by the real-life Olivia Pope, crisis manager Judy Smith, who inspired Shonda Rhimes’ show.

Take a look at Dunham — and her wig —  on “Scandal,” released Thursday by ABC: