The Guilty Remnant, the haunting cult at the center of HBO’s “The Leftovers,” made a pre-apocalyptic appearance in New York City on Monday, when a group of devoted fans assembled in costume outside the network’s headquarters to petition for a third season of the premium cable drama.

Remaining true-to-character in their demonstration, the peaceful protesters donned all-white garments, silently smoked cigarettes and presented small, makeshift picket signs that simply read “renew” in scribbled sharpie.

HBO has yet to make a decision on the fate of the critically acclaimed drama, which stars Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler, but the creative team behind the show aren’t afraid to make their voices heard as they stump for a renewal.

“The Leftovers” co-creator Damon Lindelof recently discussed the Season 2 finale with Variety and admitted that he isn’t ready for the series to end quite yet.

“My hope is that the finale feels like [a wrap-up] for the entire season. We executed exactly the plan that we wanted to execute. There is a feeling of completeness and circularity, but also as storytellers and writers, we want there to be more “Leftovers,” Lindelof explained.

Last month, Variety TV critic Mo Ryan declared that the show hit its high point in its sophomore season, noting, “the best surprise of 2015 might be how good — actually, how great — ‘The Leftovers’ has become.”

Check out some tweets from the show’s silent supporters below.