Stephen Colbert is onto all the office workers who prefer to watch videos of the previous night’s choice latenight moments at their desks during their lunch breaks.

But instead of beating them, he’s joining them — by becoming that annoying coworker who insists on infringing on this much-coveted alone time by having lunch “with” his indented audience.

Each day this week, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will role out a new video wherein the host saddles up to a cubicle to dispense relationship advice, brilliant career plans and other unsolicited or other TMI topics while enjoying whatever he’s packed for himself in his brown paper bag. Monday’s topics? Random bags of money and a fear of repeated prison time while dining on baby back ribs and Thin Mints (and, of course, a mention of the show’s September 8 premiere date).

Think you can escape Colbert by going out to lunch? No such luck. He’ll just be waiting on social media when you get back to your desk.