“Kevin From Work” heats up ABC Family’s summer slate with a fresh new take on the workplace comedy that makes sense for twentysomethings who have just recently — and confusedly — entered the workforce.

“I think a lot of people in my age group are doing jobs that they’re not passionate about, but the thing that keeps them going and keeps them moving are the people in their lives, and certainly, that’s Kevin’s situation,” 28-year-old Noah Reid, who stars as the titular character, tells Variety.

The sitcom follows Kevin, who announces his love to his office crush Audrey (Paige Spara), before accepting another job, only to find out that his new offer has been rescinded and he’s stuck at his job — and with his co-worker.

“This is also the time when you’re searching for a partner, for a mate. Kevin sees in Audrey a woman that he just feels like his life will be good with, and I think we’ve all had that experience, and sometimes you’re wrong about that but you’ve got to see it through,” Reid adds of the show’s relatability for the demo, which will likely be made up of growing-up millennials, which the cabler has deemed “Becomers” to lessen the “family” feeling associated with the net.

As a “Becomer” himself, Reid understands feeling unsettled with personal and professional life, and enjoys being part of the network’s rebranding, targeting young adults.

“You don’t expect an ABC Family show to be as edgy as our show is, and it’s cool to be in a show that’s at the forefront of that,” he says. “Our audience is probably going to be around the 25-year-old mark like the characters, so ABC Family is playing it smart and they’ve figured out what it is that the age group thinks is funny, which is sex, body issues, shame — all of those things that we experience on a daily basis.”

The laffer hails from writer Barbie Adler (“How I Met Your Mother”), who exec produces with Aaron Kaplan (“Chasing Life,” “Secrets and Lies,” “The Mysteries of Laura”) and McG (“The Mysteries of Laura,” “Shadowhunters”), who directed the pilot.

“On the show, we just have really strong leadership,” Reid said. “With Aaron and McG and Barbie, that’s a trifecta of people that have a wealth of experience and success, and they each bring something really unique to the table. Aaron Kaplan is like our dad — he knows how to put a show together, and we’re really feeling that. I think almost the best thing about all three of them is that they trust us.”

Kevin From Work” premieres tonight at 8/7c.