With David Letterman’s final show on the horizon, tributes have started rolling in from fellow latenight hosts.

Jimmy Fallon thanked the retiring “Late Show” host on Monday night’s “Tonight Show.” He said he’s grateful to Letterman for offering “33 years of innovation, fun and just plain weirdness … but mostly fun.”

“I, like every kid who grew up watching him, will miss him,” Fallon said. To prove his attachment to the comedian, Fallon showed a page from his eighth grade yearbook signed by a teacher who had predicted that he would take over for Letterman on “The Late Night Show” one day.

Fallon became especially emotional while remembering Letterman’s post-9/11 show.

“He’s always just there when you need him. I remember after 9/11, we needed somebody,” Fallon said. “The city was in shock. We’re all looking for answers. We wanted to see what Dave had to say and we looked at him to say something.”

“He said, ‘There is only one requirement for any of us and that is to be courageous, because courage, as you know, defines all other human behavior.’ We needed that. David Letterman is courageous. Have a nice retirement, Dave.”

Letterman’s last show airs on Wednesday.