SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead, if you have not watched the midseason finale of “How To Get Away with Murder,” titled “What Did We Do?” which aired Nov. 19.

One part of the mansion mystery has finally been solved: Who shot Annalise? Wes shot Annalise.

Before Wes (Alfred Enoch) pulled the trigger, Asher (Matt McGorry) also got into a very bloody situation, which brought more answers to the night at the Hapstall mansion, specifically the part in which ADA Sinclair (Sarah Burns) turns up splattered dead.

Asher’s father, the disgraced Judge Millstone — who, earlier this season, cut ties with his son — committed suicide, sending Asher off the deep end. Filled with anger, he went after Sinclair, who leaked Mr. Millstone’s dirty deeds to the press, to get revenge and ended up fatally running her over with his car.

With Asher entering the murderer’s club, he called on Bonnie (Liza Weil) for help, and in a twisted plan, they brought Sinclair’s body to the Hapstall mansion in the trunk and were ready to stage the scene to make it appear as if Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda) killed Sinclair. The Keating Five did not want any part in this, but throughout the process, Asher finally learned that the rest of his buddies had a hand in killing Sam Keating long ago.

As if the plan couldn’t get twistier, in addition to staging Sinclair’s death by the hands of Catherine, the plan called for Annalise (Viola Davis) to be shot in the leg to make the Hapstall twin look even more guilty. Annalise wanted one of the Keating Five to mildly shoot her, but understandably, none of her students wanted to do it. Trying to convince each in the group, in an effort to give Wes the courage to pull the trigger, Annalise fessed up that she’s been lying all along and that Rebecca (Katie Findlay) has been dead all this time. Hence, her plan majorly back-fired, and filled with rage, Wes shot to kill — and that’s how Annalise ended up with a critical gun wound in her stomach.

As Wes was standing over Annalise with the fun pointed on her, she whispered the name “Christophe,” and it appeared as if Wes knew exactly what she was talking about.

The midseason finale also finally shed light on Wes and Annalise’s questionable relationship. In a flashback years ago, a very young Wes — who then, went by the name “Christophe” — was sitting in an interrogation room asking police if his mother is dead. On the other side of the window was Annalise and Eve (Famke Janssen) looking in at the child, saying, “What did we do?”

Here, Alfred Enoch talks to Variety about Wes shooting Annalise, plus he teases what he knows about that flashback. 

What was your reaction when you read the script and found out that you were the one who shot Annalise?

I thought it would be exciting to play, and that’s how it proved. I’m happy the issue about Rebecca’s death was revealed. I found that satisfying from his perspective. It’s this huge obstacle — how do they resolve that? The way it falls out, he tried to kill her.

Do you think Wes really wants Annalise dead, or he’s just enraged and emotional over Rebecca?

I think it’s difficult to differentiate those things. I want people to have the freedom to interpret it how they want, but he certainly goes over to her to finish off the job. I genuinely think his intention is to kill her.

I’d imagine Wes will want to get answers about Rebecca so how will that part of the storyline progress when the season returns?

We’ll see. That’s something that’s important and he’ll want answers on, but there are a lot of obstacles in the way. That was something that I was interested in because she’s the most important person to him and I think he’s just absolutely committed to finding out what happened to her.

Viola Davis is the star of the show, but still, the question we’ve been wondering all season is should viewers be concerned that she may not make it out alive?

She got shot in the abdomen! That’s concerning. It obviously depends exactly where the bullet has gone, but that’s not good news. But, I’ve got a good feeling. I thought that was one of the cool things about this season — when I got the first scripts I was like, oh, okay, I don’t think anyone expected to see Annalise bleeding out in the flash-forward.

Assuming she makes it out alive, how will Wes shooting Annalise impact him? Will he hate her even more or will he be harboring feelings of guilt?

There’s an intimacy between them, which complicates the issue with him shooting her and trying to kill her, which obviously is why the betrayal feels so stark and so painful. It’s a very complicated relationship because to some degree, he knows he can’t trust her, but I don’t think he would have ever suspected that — even though he’s been suspecting her throughout all the season.

How will the rest of the Keating Five react to Wes shooting Annalise?

I wouldn’t want to speak about them and their characters! I’m going to steer to the safe side of that question.

Annalise usually covers up crimes that her students commit, but now he shot her. Will he have cover-up, or can he get into serious trouble for trying to kill her?

I mean, he can get into serious legal trouble for killing Sam! The whole thing comes out of her bizarre, utterly crazy plan to try and cover up what Asher did. So I guess there’s an issue of there of how far she could sell him out if she wanted to because she tried to cover up for Asher.

What can you say about that flashback to Wes’s past? How were Annalise and Eve involved with Wes and his mother?

I don’t know pretty much anything about it so I would be hard-pressed. [Laughing] From the little that I do know, I’d guess that’s a storyline that will be developed. I know there’s going to be more about that, but I can’t speak definitively because I’m only one episode further on that the audience, but there will be more unpacking for young Wes and Eve and Annalise.