Heroes Reborn” hasn’t even premiered yet, but the huge “Heroes” fanbase — and reporter types at the Television Critics’ Assn. press tour — are already asking if there could be more episodes after NBC’s 13-episode event series wraps this fall.

“We’ve only spoken about doing this,” creator Tim Kring said at the “Heroes Reborn” panel at TCA in on Friday in Beverly Hills.

“That being said, I’ve always felt that the brand was elastic enough and a broad enough premise,” he continued. “It’s a show about ordinary people with extraordinary powers. It’s an indeterminate [amount of] people around the world and then they have to save the world. I feel confident that we can find more story to tell with some returning characters and new ones.”

As for those returning characters, a reporter in the room asked Kring why not all the actors from the original hit series, which first premiered in 2006, will be featured in the revival series.

“Some of the actors did not have the availability because they were involved with other things, so that’s something that was just completely out of our control,” Kring said, adding that the creative team sought out storylines first, not actors.

“The story was really the thing that dictated who would come back,” Kring said. “I always saw it as a show that could repopulate itself. I wanted it to be easy for brand new viewers to watch for the first time. Falling in love with new characters is just as important as having the former cast in the new show.”

Regardless of another offshoot of the “Reborn” reboot — with or without familiar faces — Kring said there’s an advantage to a limited series.

“With 13 episodes, it means we can tell this very aggressive form of storytelling — putting 50 pounds of story into a 10 pound bag,” he explained. “When you log onto this show for the very first time and sign on to watch it, you know that you will get an end.”

“Heroes Reborn” debuts Sept. 24 on NBC with a two-hour premiere.