Tim Kring kicked off the “Heroes Reborn” panel at Comic-Con Sunday afternoon in San Diego, Calif., the very place the original “Heroes” launched nine years ago

“We’ve had a long rest and a good night sleep and we’re ready to save the world again so if you found something about the show that you loved, something that you were passionate about the first time, then I very humbly ask you to give ‘Heroes Reborn’ a chance,” Kring said, thanking the packed room at Hall H for their support for the super-powered show.

“The challenge is that since we came along, we looked like nothing else on TV, and now huge shows are out there that we have to compete with,” Kring added on the panel, which brought on surprise guests Masi Oka and Jimmy Jean-Louis and was moderated by Greg Grunberg, who are all returning to NBC’s new series.

The new series will see the new Heroes in danger. “We left with Claire Bennett exposing these powers to the world, her coming out, so now everyone knows about these powers,” Kring said. “The entire world knows about these powers and it’s not such a good thing.”

Also at Comic-Con, “Heroes” had an activation set up in downtown San Diego, in which fans could test their very own powers in a virtual installation.