AMC is crossing its fingers for the reboot of of drama “Halt and Catch Fire” on May 31, two weeks after the finale of “Mad Men.”

The show, set in the mid-1980s amid the rise of the PC business in Texas, struggled to find an audience last year in its 10-episode run. But AMC brass had faith in the premise, series creators Chris Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers and showrunner Jonathan Lisco, who acknowledge that changes are in store for season two.

“We’re going to drill down even deeper into these characters we’ve created, to give you all the emotional and psychological depth you’ve come to expect from ‘Halt and Catch Fire,’ while at the same time evolving the show to be brasher and even more addictive,” said Lisco.

Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishe topline “Halt.” James Cromwell has a recurring role in the upcoming season.

AMC is also hoping that more viewers will be encouraged to check out season-one episodes of “Halt” as all of them will be available via AMC.com and cable VOD on April 7 and and Netflix on April 8.

With “Mad Men” bowing out on May 17, AMC is under pressure to groom its next generation of signature series. “Turn,” the Revolutionary War drama that also bowed last year, returns for season 2 on April 13.

Here’s a clip from “Halt and Catch Fire”: