Megyn Kelly, who scored an exclusive interview with the controversial Duggar family earlier this month, will on Thursday interview Traci Johnson, the woman who barely survived an attack by Alton Nolen, a man who beheaded one of his co-workers last year in Moore, Oklahoma.

The interview will be presented during “The Kelly File” on Thursday, June 18, at 9 p.m. ET, and will mark Johnson’s first national television interview since she escaped being decapitated by Nolen. Kelly will speak with Johnson about her encounter, Nolen’s behavior before the attack and how the FBI  handled the case.

The attack took place on September 25, 2014, when Nolen, a food plant worker, walked into Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, beheaded one of his co-workers, and then attempted to decapitate Johnson before the plant owner stopped the attack. The FBI  got involved after Nolen’s earlier conversion to Islam in prison was discovered. Agents came upon a Facebook page made by Nolen featuring pictures of Bin Laden and images of beheadings.

Kelly’s interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the parents featured in TLC’s “19 Kids And Counting,” snared 3.1 million viewers, while a subsequent interview with two of the couple’s daughters lured 2.7 million viewers. The Duggars have drawn an outside amount of scrutiny since it was disclosed their oldest son molested some of their female children while he was a teenager. TLC has taken the program off the air, though the network has yet to reveal its ultimate fate.