Fox News Channel and Sarah Palin have entered a new off-again phase in a relationship that dates back to 2010.

A network spokesperson confirmed a report in Politico that Palin was no longer working as a contributor to Fox News Channel. The political-media outlet reported that the relationship between the former Republican candidate for U.S. vice president and the 21st Century Fox-owned cable network ended June 1.

Palin continue to enjoy a broad following. Prior to joining Sen. John McCain on the 2008 presidential ticket, Palin was the first woman to serve as governor of Alaska, though she did not finish her term. As governor, she worked on improving resource development, education, health and transportation and infrastructure development. Palin also served two terms on the  Wasilla City Council in Alaska and two terms as the mayor of Wasilla, and worked as an oil and gas industry regulator.


Her rise to political fame led to her a career in media — and not only as a pundit. Discovery Communications’ TLC network followed her and her family in Alaska in a 2010 reality series. She has more recently been involved with a program on the Sportsman Channel.

Palin could surface again as a guest on Fox News Channel or sister outlet Fox Business Network, Politico said. Palin had served as a contributor to Fox News since June of 2013. She had also been a contributor to the network between January 2010 and January 2013.