Lynne Russell, the former anchor of CNN Headline News, and her husband were involved in a deadly shootout when the couple fought off a robber late Tuesday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Russell’s husband, Chuck De Caro — a former CNN correspondent — was said to have been shot three times, but is expected to survive, according to CNN.

Russell told the New York Post she was grabbed by a man with a gun near her car outside their motel and forced back into the room.

“I opened the door, and he materialized out of nowhere; he was inside,” she said. “And he pushed me into the room and onto the bed and closed the door.”

De Caro emerged naked from the shower and quickly grabbed his own gun. She said the suspect shot first and her husband returned fire, killing the man.

“We tried to calm the man, ask him not to point the gun because we really couldn’t think what we could give him,” Russell said. “It felt to me he was used to doing this, that whatever happened wouldn’t bother him.”

She added: “It was a gun battle, and Chuck was bleeding heavily, but he didn’t stop firing because the man was firing on him, and he was looking for me.”

Russell worked at CNN Headline News from 1983 to 2001.

Russell and De Caro were married this past September in Italy.