Fall TV Premiere Dates: New and Returning Shows

Here’s a look at the broadcast premieres, scripted cable premieres and select unscripted cable shows bowing this fall:

(All times Eastern. New shows in bold)


Wednesday, Sept. 9
The League (FXX), 10 p.m. (Season 7)
You’re the Worst (FXX), 10:30 p.m. (Season 2)
REVIEW: The central joke has a repetitive quality, and if series creator Stephen Falk brings a singular voice to the proceedings, it’s partially dulled by the fact that every character essentially speaks with it.

Friday, Sept. 11
For Better or Worse (OWN), 9 p.m. (Season 5)
20/20 (ABC), 10 p.m. (Season 39)
Continuum (Syfy), 11 p.m. (Season 4)
Z Nation (Syfy), 10 p.m. (Season 2)

Saturday, Sept. 12
Game Shakers (Nickelodeon), 8:30 p.m.

Sunday, Sept. 13
NFL Sunday Night Football: Giants-Cowboys (NBC), 8:30 p.m.
Doll & Em (HBO), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
REVIEW: Wispy in its first season, “Doll & Em” somehow got even thinner and less substantial in its second six-episode run.

Project Greenlight (HBO), 10 p.m. (Season 4)
REVIEW: Producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon say the show, which chronicles the production of an independent film under a novice director, is “about what it really takes to make a movie.” But in actuality, the show is, and always has been, devoted not to the art of filmmaking, but to the commerce of reality television.

Monday, Sept. 14
NFL Monday Night Football: Eagles-Falcons (ESPN), 7:10 p.m.*
Dancing With the Stars (ABC), 8 p.m. (Season 21)

Tuesday, Sept. 15
The Bastard Executioner (FX), 10 p.m.
REVIEW: Watching the first three hours of Kurt Sutter’s TV follow-up to “Sons of Anarchy” isn’t torture, but nor is it as compelling as the series to which it will be inevitably compared.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (NBC), 10 p.m.
REVIEW: It’s hard to blame NBC for wanting to see if some of that Neil Patrick Harris charm could be bottled and applied to a weekly series.

Wednesday, Sept. 16
South Park (Comedy), 10 p.m. (Season 19)
Moonbeam City (Comedy), 10:30 p.m.
REVIEW: Rob Lowe lends his voice to this latest exercise in animated silliness from Comedy Central.

Thursday, Sept. 17
NFL Thursday Night Football: Broncos-Chiefs (CBS/NFLN), 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 19
Doctor Who (BBC America), 9 p.m. (Season 9)

Sunday, Sept. 20
Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!), 9 p.m. (Season 10B)

Monday, Sept. 21
The Big Bang Theory (CBS), 8 p.m. (Season 9)
Gotham (Fox), 8 p.m. (Season 2)
REVIEW: The series continues to engage in a not-so-delicate dance to advance its mythological ties to the DC Comics universe while maintaining its pulpy tone.

The Voice (NBC), 8 p.m. (Season 9)
Life in Pieces (CBS), 8:30 p.m.
REVIEW: This multigenerational, multi-point-of-view family comedy is really just “Modern Family” under a different name.

Minority Report (Fox), 9 p.m.
REVIEW:Gotham” should provide the show with a fairly compatible lead-in, but whether that augurs longevity, ironically, is difficult to foresee.

Scorpion (CBS), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
Castle (ABC), 10 p.m. (Season 8)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), 10 p.m. (Season 7)
Blindspot (NBC), 10 p.m.
REVIEW: The opening sequence is certainly arresting, and the show might coast on that for a while.

Tuesday, Sept. 22
The Muppets (ABC), 8 p.m.
REVIEW: The real question is how well this moderately amusing concept will wear, before those fuzzy costumes, and the related gags, begin to feel a tad threadbare.

NCIS (CBS), 8 p.m. (Season 13)
Scream Queens (Fox), 8 p.m.*
REVIEW: The series is really something old and something borrowed — largely from co-creator Ryan Murphy’s own filmography.

Fresh Off the Boat (ABC), 8:30 p.m. (Season 2)
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
If Loving You is Wrong (OWN), 10 p.m. (Season 2)*
Limitless (CBS), 10 p.m.
REVIEW: The series based on the Bradley Cooper movie isn’t bad, although in terms of dramatic possibilities, the formula hardly lives up to its title.

Wednesday, Sept. 23
The Middle (ABC), 8 p.m. (Season 7)
The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), 8 p.m. (Season 2)
Rosewood (Fox), 8 p.m.
REVIEW: Fox will likely find itself looking for another companion to hit “Empire.”

Survivor (CBS), 8 p.m. (Season 31)*
The Goldbergs (ABC), 8:30 p.m. (Season 3)
Empire (Fox), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
Law & Order: SVU (NBC), 9 p.m. (Season 17)*
Modern Family (ABC), 9 p.m. (Season 7)
Black-ish (ABC), 9:30 p.m. (Season 2)
Nashville (ABC), 10 p.m. (Season 4)
Trip Tank (Comedy), 11 p.m. (Season 2)

Thursday, Sept. 24
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), 8 p.m. (Season 12)
Heroes Reborn (NBC), 8 p.m.*
REVIEW: A revival of the series that combines characters old and new, replicating the original’s intricately woven template while introducing a new slate of super-powered players strewn across the globe.

Scandal (ABC), 9 p.m. (Season 5)
How to Get Away With Murder (ABC), 10 p.m. (Season 2)
The Player (NBC), 10 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 25
The Amazing Race (CBS), 8 p.m. (Season 27)
Last Man Standing (ABC), 8 p.m. (Season 5)
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS), 9 p.m. (Season 6)
Shark Tank (ABC), 9 p.m. (Season 7)
Blue Bloods (CBS), 10 p.m. (Season 6)

Saturday, Sept. 26
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Disney XD), 9:30 p.m.
48 Hours (CBS), 10 p.m. (Season 29)

Sunday, Sept. 27
60 Minutes (CBS), 7 p.m. (Season 48)
Bob’s Burgers (Fox), 7:30 p.m. (Season 6)
Once Upon a Time (ABC), 8 p.m. (Season 5)
The Simpsons (Fox), 8 p.m. (Season 27)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox), 8:30 p.m. (Season 3)
Blood & Oil (ABC), 9 p.m.
REVIEW: Just another attempt to update “Dallas,” meaning there will be blood and oil, yes, but also sex and a lot of jockeying for power.

Family Guy (Fox), 9 p.m. (Season 14)
Indian Summers (PBS), 9 p.m.
The Last Man on Earth (Fox), 9:30 p.m. (Season 2)
Quantico (ABC), 10 p.m.
REVIEW: “Quantico” isn’t a bad title, especially when one considers how unwieldy “How to Get Away With Murder 2: Terrorism Edition” would look on a billboard.

Monday, Sept. 28
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy), 11 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 29
Grandfathered (Fox), 8 p.m.
The Grinder (Fox), 8:30 p.m.
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC), 9 p.m. (Season 3)
Beyond the Tank (ABC), 10 p.m. (Season 2)

Wednesday, Sept. 30
Criminal Minds (CBS), 9 p.m. (Season 11)
Chicago PD (NBC), 10 p.m. (Season 3)
Code Black (CBS), 10 p.m.


Thursday, Oct. 1
Bones (Fox), 8 p.m. (Season 11)
The Blacklist (NBC), 9 p.m. (Season 3)
Sleepy Hollow (Fox), 9 p.m. (Season 3)
(IFC), 10 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 2
Dr. Ken (ABC), 8 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 3
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 11:30 p.m. (Season 41); Miley Cyrus to host

Sunday, Oct. 4
Madam Secretary (CBS), 8 p.m. (Season 2)
The Good Wife (CBS), 9 p.m. (Season 7)
Homeland (Showtime), 9 p.m. (Season 5)
The Leftovers (HBO), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
The Affair (Showtime), 10 p.m. (Season 2)
CSI: Cyber (CBS), 10 p.m. (Season 2)
The Widower (PBS), 10 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 6
The Flash (CW), 8 p.m. (Season 2)
Finding Carter (MTV), 10 p.m. (Season 2B)
iZombie (CW), 9 p.m. (Season 2)

Wednesday, Oct. 7
Arrow (CW), 8 p.m. (Season 4)
Supernatural (CW), 9 p.m. (Season 11)
American Horror Story: Hotel (FX), 10 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 8
The Vampire Diaries (CW), 8 p.m. (Season 7)
The Originals (CW), 9 p.m. (Season 3)
Haven (Syfy), 10 p.m. (Season 6)

Friday, Oct. 9
Reign (CW), 8 p.m. (Season 3)
Undateable (NBC), 8 p.m. (Season 3)*

Saturday, Oct. 10
The Last Kingdom (BBCA), 10 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 11
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC), 7 p.m. (Season 26)
The Walking Dead (AMC), 9 p.m. (Season 6)*
Talking Dead (AMC), 10:30 p.m. (Season 5)

Monday, Oct. 12
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW), 8 p.m.
Jane the Virgin (CW), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
Fargo (FX), 10 p.m. (Season 2)

Tuesday, Oct. 13
Manhattan (WGN), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
Chicago Fire (NBC), 10 p.m. (Season 4)

Wednesday, Oct. 14
Kingdom (DirecTV), 9 p.m. (Season 2)
Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD), 9:30 p.m. (Season 2)

Friday, Oct. 16
Truth Be Told (NBC), 8:30 p.m.
Gold Rush (Discovery), 9 p.m.*
Please Like Me (Pivot), 10 p.m. (Season 3)
Satisfaction (USA), 10 p.m. (Season 2)
The Knick (Cinemax), TBA (Season 2)

Tuesday, Oct. 20
Being Mary Jane (BET), 9 p.m. (Season 3)

Saturday, Oct. 24
Da Vinci’s Demons (Starz), 8 p.m. (Season 3)

Monday, Oct. 26
Supergirl (CBS), 8:30 p.m.*

Tuesday, Oct. 27
Wicked City (ABC), 10 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 30
Grimm (NBC), 9 p.m. (Season 5)

Saturday, Oct. 31
Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz), 9 p.m.


Sunday, Nov. 1
The Librarians (TNT), 8 p.m. (Season 2)*

Monday, Nov. 2
Major Crimes (TNT), 9 p.m. (Season 4B)
Legends (TNT), 10 p.m. (Season 2)

Wednesday, Nov. 4
Spotless (Esquire), 10 p.m.

Thursday, Nov. 5
Angel From Hell (CBS), 9:30 p.m.
Elementary (CBS), 10 p.m. (Season 4)

Friday, Nov. 6
MasterChef Junior (Fox), 8 p.m. (Season 4)
World’s Funniest (Fox), 9 p.m. (Season 2)

Sunday, Nov. 8
Agent X (TNT), 9 p.m.*
Getting On (HBO), 10 p.m. (Season 3)
Flesh and Bone (Starz), TBA

Tuesday, Nov. 10
Chicago Med (NBC), 10 p.m.*
Donny (USA), 10:30 p.m.

Thursday, Nov. 12
Project Runway Junior (Bravo), 9 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 15
Into the Badlands (AMC), 10 p.m.
The Royals (E!), 10 p.m. (Season 2)


Monday, Dec. 14
Childhood’s End (Syfy), 8 p.m.
The Expanse (Syfy), 10 p.m.

*special time and/or expanded episode


(All times ET)

10 — NFL Opener: Pittsburgh-New England (NBC), 8:30 p.m.
12 — Ferrell Takes the Field (HBO), 10 p.m.  REVIEW
13 — Miss America Pageant (ABC), 8 p.m.
14 — American Experience: Walt Disney (PBS), 9 p.m.  REVIEW
16 — GOP Presidential Debate, from Simi Valley, Calif. (CNN), 6 and 8 p.m.
17 — 5th Annual Streamy Awards (VH1), TBA
18 — Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood (NBC), 8 p.m.
20 — 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (Fox), 8 p.m.
25 — Margaret Cho: psyCHO (Showtime), 9 p.m.
27 — CSI series finale (CBS), 9 p.m.
29 — iHeart Radio Music Festival (CW), 8 p.m. (concludes Sept. 30)

1 — Live Nation Music Awards (TBS/TNT), TBA
2 — SXSW Comedy Night Two With Kamau Bell (Showtime), 11 p.m.
3 — Movie: The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story (Lifetime), 8 p.m.
8 — Latin American Music Awards (Telemundo), 8 p.m.
10 — Movie: The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story (Lifetime), 8 p.m.
13 — Democratic Presidential Debate from Nevada (CNN), TBA
13 — Hip Hop Awards (BET), 8 p.m.
17 — Amy Schumer: Live From the Apollo (HBO), 10 p.m.
18 — Miniseries: Belief (OWN), 8 p.m.
18 — Movie: Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (Hallmark), 9 p.m.
23 — Billy Elliot the Musical (PBS), 9 p.m.
27 — Game 1 of the 2015 World Series (Fox), 8 p.m.
28 — GOP Presidential Debate from Boulder, Colo. (CNBC), TBA

4 — 49th Annual CMA Awards (ABC), 8 p.m.
10 — Soul Train Awards (BET), 8 p.m.
14 — Democratic Presidential Debate from Des Moines, Iowa (CBS), TBA
21 — Movie: Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (Lifetime), 8 p.m.
27 — Dead of Winter: The Donner Party (Weather), 9 p.m.
30 — It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown (ABC), 9 p.m.

3 — The Wiz Live! (NBC), 8 p.m.
8 — Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (CBS), 10 p.m.
10 — Movie: Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors (NBC), 9 p.m.
15 — GOP Presidential Debate from Las Vegas (CNN), TBA
19 — Democratic Presidential Debate from Manchester, N.H. (ABC), TBA



4 —  Hand of God (Amazon)
8 — The Awesomes (Hulu), Season 3
10 — Longmire (Netflix), Season 4
15 — The Mindy Project (Hulu), Season 4

5 — Doc Martin (Acorn), Season 7
7 — Casual (Hulu)
8 — SuperMansion (Crackle)
9 — Red Oaks (Amazon)
16 — Movie: The Beasts of No Nation (Netflix)
23 — Hemlock Grove (Netflix), Season 3

6 — Master of None (Netflix)
19 — The Art of More (Crackle)
20 — The Man in the High Castle (Amazon)

2 — RocketJump: The Show (Hulu)
4 — Transparent (Amazon), Season 2
11 — Movie: The Ridiculous Six (Netflix)

— Compiled by Rick Kissell


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