Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and his El Rey Network have announced the formation of the El Rey Diversity Council, created with the intention of encouraging Hollywood to focus on America’s changing demographics.

Made up of members from leading national Latino advocacy organizations who have collaborated with El Rey Network, the group aims to provide the entertainment industry with guidance and leadership when it comes to employment, procurement, programming and community outreach. The group will be spearheaded by El Rey Network’s Dawn Holliday-Mack and Theresa Vargas Wyatt.

“It has been my personal commitment from the beginning for El Rey Network to not only set very high standards for the kind of quality entertainment we provide our viewers, but also to set industry standards and high benchmarks for diversity both in front of and behind the camera,” commented Rodriguez. “As a creator of content, I feel an obligation to our community to advocate for inclusivity. This group will creatively approach issues, build a community of like minds and big ideas, advocate for change and work diligently to have our voices heard.”

The news comes a few days after Lifetime announced Broad Focus, an initiative aimed at finding more roles for women creatives behind the scenes.