“Scrubs” alum Donald Faison will host a new game show called “Winsanity” for GSN.

The series, which was greenlit for 40 episodes, has contestants attempt to rank 10 number-based facts in numerical order from lowest to highest. The kick is that every time a contestant answers correctly and wins a prize, a randomly selected portion of the audience also gets the reward. But if a contestant gets an answer wrong, both they and the audience members must return their winnungs.

“Winsanity is a fun, raucous game where contestants play for prizes for themselves as well as members of the audience,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, GSN’s EVP of programming and development. “Donald Faison’s sharp comedic timing makes him the perfect host for this fast-paced game that is filled with terrific play-along.”

Faison’s TV Land comedy “The Exes” was recently canceled after four seasons.

“Winsanity” will begin shooting in early 2016.