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In the March 19 episode of USA Network’s “Dig,” Peter (Jason Isaacs) and grudging ally Golan (Ori Pfeffer) are drawn deeper into a global conspiracy after they discover hidden clues in Emma’s (Alison Sudol) journal — but their investigation hits a snag after the appearance of an uninvited guest. Check out an exclusive sneak peek at Episode 103, “Meet the Rosenbergs,” below.

Isaacs recently told Variety that the playfully competitive dynamic between Peter and Golan was a product of his chemistry with Pfeffer off-screen: “Ori and I became very good friends by the end, but the thing is he is an Israeli and we were shooting in his realm and it’s his town. He’s a very well-known actor in his life and on screen he’s absolutely not playing second fiddle to anybody and that is perfect,” he laughed. “In Ori’s head and in Golan’s head, he’s the hero, obviously. And it works magically. He’s much younger and fitter and stronger than me, a little bit louder and his voice is a little bit deeper and he was not having any of it. So who gets to go first through the doorway; who gets the flashlight and who gets the gun; who climbs through the window; all that stuff which works so beautifully for the characters, was what was really working between us. It’s not that we didn’t secretly enjoy it at the same time, but we let it play out. He’s a very modern, evolved, but very macho Israeli type and Peter’s a little bit more world-weary.”

Elsewhere in the hour, Debbie (Lauren Ambrose) takes Josh (Zen McGrath) on an authorized outing beyond the compound walls, while Avram (Guy Selenik) struggles for survival as his journey with the red heifer makes an unexpected detour.

“Dig” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on USA Network.