Two years after his older brother Byron debuted the documentary “DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father’s Dream,” Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson will continue to document his life off the field with the six-episode BET docu-series “DeSean Jackson: Home Team.”

Considered a sequel to the coming-of-age documentary, Byron Jackson said that the new BET series (on which the brothers both serve as executive producers) will showcase the next chapter of DeSean’s personal life as he tackles the challenges of adulthood at 28 years old.

Byron shared that the three-time NFL Pro-Bowl player encounters “getting serious and heated with his love interest, becoming his own man, and his mom and his sister coming to grips with it.”

But Byron did admit that, within the thousands of hours of footage filmed, there were some personal moments that DeSean preferred not to share onscreen.

“When you are used to being in front of a camera, you take it in stride. DeSean likes being in front of the camera, he likes entertaining,” he said. “That is all he knows, but he is also very private as well, there are some moments he does not want me to film.”

The series will also document what Byron considers to be an inspiring lesson to other American families.

“We are just like any other family, dealing with the same temptations, drama, everything. We are happy to be open and share how we tackle things,” he said.

“DeSean Jackson: Home Team” debuts at 8:30 p.m. June 30.