Dance Network, a subscription-based streaming-video service devoted to dance programming, will launch in the fall, its backers announced Tuesday.

The service will have tiered pricing: $6.99 a month, $5.99 a month for six months and $4.99 a month for a yearlong subscription. Subscribers will have access to original programming as well as acquired content from programming libraries.

A preview event for the service will take place in Nashville on July 25. The new network’s slate features original programming such as “Traveling Dancer,” which showcases local dance styles from around the globe; “To the Stage,” which follows the competitive real life efforts of high school show choirs in the vein of Fox’s hit series “Glee”; and a flash mob series, “Steady Mobbin’.” Dance Network will also feature newly acquired film and television content libraries including classics from years past to the international editions of hits from the BBC.

Dance Network’s official full network launch is set for October 2015 on Apple iOS and Android mobile phones, Roku and through its Web portal.

Brian Williams, an executive with experience in bringing advertisers and programmers together, will be chief executive of the network. He is not the Brian Williams employed by NBC News. Joe Kissack, the chief operating officer of Dance Network, has a long history working in distribution and worked for Sony.

“Just look at the enduring popularity of movie musicals and films like the ‘Step Up’ franchise, ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and to the global success of TV shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’!,” Kissick said in a statement. “Clearly people love music and love to dance, two universal languages that can offer the added value of playing well across all platforms, including Web portals, mobile phones and tablets. We will offer every style of dance, in every genre of production, from country to ballet, from hip-hop to Ballroom, from feature films to documentaries, from reality to competitions, and instruction to scripted programming.”

The initial preview of Dance Network will be available starting July 25, with a sampling of both original and acquired programming from around the world. Dance Network will announce its full original programming and network slate leading into its consumer launch set for October.

Julie C. Stadler and David J. Medeiros, two entrepreneurs and dance enthusiasts, are the network’s founders.