The CW is following television’s zombie trend in an effort to bolster its midseason schedule, but exec producer Rob Thomas promises “iZombie” will be nothing like the mega-hit “The Walking Dead.”

The dramedy, loosely based off the DC Comics property, is led by actress Rose McIver, whom the net believes will emerge as a star. The next “it” girl charmed journos during CW’s presentation at Sunday’s Television Critics Assn. press tour in Pasadena, and not just because she fits the CW’s DNA.

“We were calling the show ‘ZILFS,'” Thomas said, referring to the genetically blessed cast. When a reporter asked why the creative team decided to make their zombies attractive, rather than the typical “Walking Dead”-esque look, exec producer Diane Ruggiero joked that the CW decided they wanted pretty people for a change.

Thomas admitted that while it would make more sense for Liv (McIver) — a part-zombie medical resident who works at a coroner’s office to have easy access to the brains she needs for survival, which in turn, imbue her with the memories of said brain’s owner — to spray tan or dye her hair to conceal her identity, she would then be a “self-hating zombie.”

Also different from “TWD” is the self-awareness of “iZombie’s” undead characters. Producers explained that part of the series’ fun is that Liv and the other zombies can look to the undead in pop culture — say, in “The Walking Dead” — to understand themselves.

One conundrum facing the cast is whether real brains may actually taste better than the “disgusting” fake on-set organs — gelatin (brain) covered in veggie juice (blood) — they must repeatedly consume to keep their undead bodies from decaying. McIver keeps a positive attitude on potential improvements to her diet: “We’re working on it.”

“iZombie” premieres March 17.