Leftfield Entertainment has set an overall deal with Crybaby Media, a shingle that specializes in developing and casting reality shows.

Leftfield’s deal with the banner founded by former VH1 and Fuse exec Danny Passman underscores how important the cast members are to the success of new reality skeins. Leftfield’s ability to ink an overall deal with Crybaby also reflects its newfound resources after its sale to ITV Studios last year.

Passman’s “keen, innate sense of the types of ‘characters’ that resonate with both U.S. and international audiences and buyers – and his ability to uncover them – helped make Crybaby the go-to shop for many production companies and networks producing reality TV,” said Ed Simpson, Leftfield’s exec VP of business development and international.

Crybaby will work on projects across Leftfield’s flagship shingle as well as its Sirens and Loud TV imprints.

“The opportunity to focus on the Leftfield group will allow us to be even more strategic and creative. I’m excited to dig deep with everyone at Leftfield and help raise the bar for all of our network partners,” Passman said.