ABC may have cancelled “Cristela,” but the titular actress is determined to have the last word.

Cristela Alonzo posted a lengthy, heartfelt blog post on Monday — almost exactly one year after the show got picked up — reflecting on the lifespan of her semi-autobiographical sitcom.

When she heard her show was cancelled, she wrote that she felt “kinda sad, angry and other things” and that she blamed herself for not doing more to promote the show.

“Since the show was named after me,” she wrote, “the first thing I thought about was how I let the cast and crew down.”

The actress wrote about her feelings on the creative process, noting, “There are so many different hands involved that sometimes it gets exhausting and frustrating. And that’s understandable because the show was based out of a real person’s life. My life.”

Following the show’s cancellation on Thursday, the actress also took to Twitter and expressed her disappointment by writing, “You can’t make people get something they haven’t lived.”