Comic-Con kicked off the 2015 fest with big name stars heading down to San Diego for the first day of the convention on Thursday.

Bill Murray started the morning with a surprise, greeting the cosplay crowds with his first-ever Con appearance, while Bradley Cooper also made an appearance of sorts, saying hello to Ballroom 20 via video from his iPhone in London, during the “Limitless” panel to introduce his new CBS series. Plus, “The Hunger Games” cast whistled in Hall H amongst thousands of fans, “Teen Wolf” was handed a sixth season, Halle Berry cleared up those “Storm” movie rumors and a “Game of Thrones” favorite stopped by “Doctor Who.”

Check out the best quotes from Comic-Con Day 1.

“We started this morning with bagels and then some tequila.” — Bill Murray on his first appearance at Comic-Con

“Some of the best parties I’ve ever been to are with nerds.” — Murray after being asked whether or not he’ll fit in with the Con crowd

“My name is Conan O’Brien and I am not in ‘The Hunger Games.'” — Moderator Conan O’Brien introducing himself to the Hall H crowd

“First of all it’s not a cross bow…it’s a long bow.” — Jennifer Lawrence corrects O’Brien to the delight of “Hunger Games” fans

“There might be a kiss between Josh and I.” — Liam Hemsworth teases his emotional scene with Josh Hutcherson in the upcoming “Hunger Games” finale

“That’s like 40 in Hollywood.” — Hutcherson to Lawrence when she says that she is 24 years old

“These movies changed my life…I feel like it will always be a part of me.” — Lawrence on saying goodbye to Katniss Everdeen

“Fans have to tell Fox that that’s what they want to have happen!” — Halle Berry confirming she’d want to do an “X-Men” Storm standalone film

“My spirit animal is Billy Burke.” — Kristen Connolly gives a witty response, and a nod to her “Zoo” costar and “Twilight” alum, when asked what her favorite animal is at the CBS panel

“It’s an honor for me..he absolutely crushes it.” — Bradley Cooper introduces Jake McDorman, his “American Sniper” costar and star of CBS’ fall series “Limitless,” to the Comic-Con crowd with a video that he shot on his own iPhone in London. (Cooper serves as an exec producer on the show and makes a cameo in the pilot, which was screened at Con)

“It’s not a radioactive spider. Everyone can take this drug…that’s awkward” — exec producer Craig Sweeny explains why “Limitless” is relatable to audiences, while sitting next to director Marc Webb who also directed “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies

“We’ve done 10, there are 60 stories.” — Steven Moffat, “Sherlock” creator, isn’t worried about running out of material for his BBC series

“It’s going to be surprising, what she gets up to.” — Moffat teases “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams’ role in Season 9 of “Doctor Who,” which was shown in a new trailer at the panel

“Peter has a very distinct voice, and he’s Scottish, which is automatically better.” — Moffat touts the newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi

“What’s up dude?” — Tyler Hoechlin, former “Teen Wolf” regular, picks up an unexpected call during the MTV panel from Tyler Posey who lets the audience in on their conversation by putting his phone up to the microphone