There are two choices for the lead characters in creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal’s upcoming USA thriller, “Colony”: resist or die.

At least that’s what viewers are taught to believe with the latest on-air promo for the show, which is exclusively released to Variety.

The series stars Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as parents struggling with the separation of their child after an alien invasion in this futuristic espionage thriller. They’re both featured in the new clip, which also gives a tiny glimpse at another character: Geronimo, the mysterious figurehead of the show’s resistance movement. The character is so elusive that USA won’t even reveal who is playing him.

“In the tradition of working with Carlton Cuse, I don’t know anything that’s going on — it’s a wonderful discovery [process],” Holloway, who worked with Cuse on ABC’s “Lost,” said last summer at the show’s Television Critics Assoc. press day.

Condal said then that the show also was different from other shows in the invasion genre because it deals with what happens when the evil doers don’t go away.

“We’ve seen tons of movies about the invasion, but for us, the creative goldmine is what happens next … What happens when it’s not soldiers anymore, it’s not an army versus an army? You take ‘normal’ people like Will (Holloway) and Katie (Callies) and you put them into this survival situation.”

“Colony” will premiere at 10 p.m. Jan. 14 on USA.