CNN has suspended global affairs correspondent Elise Labott after she tweeted about Syrian refugees and a bill that would make it harder for them to enter the United States, according to multiple reports.

Labott injected her own opinion about the bill in her tweet, along with the link to her story about the development.

“House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish,” she wrote earlier on Thursday in a tweet that is still up.

Media watchers questioned whether or not the tweet revealed an unfair bias, with the Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple writing, “Does this comport with CNN editorial guidelines?”

CNN has a strict social media policy for its reporters, reading, “If you publicly declare your preference for issues or candidates or one side or the other of the public policy issues CNN reports on, then your ability to be viewed as objective is compromised.”

The bill in question was passed in a Republican-led House Thursday by a 289-137 and suspends the program that allows Syrian and Iraqi refugees, a hot-button topic especially after the recent Paris terror attacks. President Obama has announced that he plans to veto the bill.

Labott has been with CNN since 2000. She was promoted to her current position last year.

Reps at CNN did not immediately respond to request for comment.