CNN has rejiggered the on-air team at its flagship morning show “New Day,” a spokeswoman for the network confirmed, moving co-host Kate Bolduan to a roost later in the morning and setting Allisyn Camerota, the former Fox News Channel correspondent who joined CNN in July, to take her place.

Camerota has been a mainstay on “New Day” while Bolduan has been on maternity leave. There has been much speculation during Bolduan’s absence that CNN might be looking for a different host to sit alongside the show’s other correspondents, Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira.

Bolduan will now anchor “This Hour” at 11 a.m. alongside John Berman. Pereira had also been co-hosting that program, but has been named an official co-anchor of “New Day” alongside the others. Previously, she had served as a news anchor of sorts opposite Cuomo and Bolduan.

Camerota has been utilized all over CNN since her arrival, holding forth in primetime opposite Don Lemon as well as filling in on “New Day” alongside Cuomo. There has been a sense at the network that Cuomo and Bolduan did not have the best onscreen chemistry. A CNN spokeswoman declined to add further details.

News of the shift was reported previously by the Wrap.

Bolduan was part of a team that CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker proclaimed in May of 2013 prior to the show’s launch “reminds me of when we put together the ‘Today’ show team in 1996, with Katie and Matt,” a reference to the powerhouse morning-show pair of Katie Couric and Matt Lauer that propelled the NBC program to ratings heights. Zucker led “Today” at a different point in his career, and his success with that show boosted his profile among NBC’s owners and top executives.

But Camerota has been in place while “New Day” has moved past MSNBC rival “Morning Joe” in the ratings, and CNN may be looking to preserve that momentum as the program heads into 2015.

“New Day,” said Zucker at that 2013 event, was supposed to be “the show that sets the agenda for the day” for CNN.