Chris Pratt has seen his film career explode during his run on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” But leaving the sitcom was never an option, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star assured.

“I would never f—— leave this show,” Pratt said Friday during NBC’s portion of the Television Critics Assn. press tour in Pasadena, Calif.

“I’ve been doing this business for 15 years. I realize the things that really matter … are the relationships you have while you’re doing them. I could hope that I could have the good fortune of finding another group of people like this, but I don’t expect I ever will,” he said.

Pratt, Amy Poehler, “Parks” co-creator Mike Schur and others swapped stories and jokes during a farewell TCA panel for the critical-favorite comedy, which wraps its seven-season run on Feb. 24.

Schur joked that at one point he and the writers envisioned the show ending with Pratt’s character becoming the mayor of Pawnee.

Schur made the observation that Poehler’s Leslie Knope was always a hopeful character. They specifically made her a parks and rec official because her focus was on preserving and creating green spaces — a noble pursuit.

“Government does good when it can find ways for people to meet each other, to walk their dogs,” he said.

Poehler said she was going to miss her regular sit-downs with Schur and the writers. “I’m going to miss hearing what’s going to happen to Leslie,” she said.

As for the finale, Schur didn’t seem to feel much pressure about its reception.

“I tried not to care about finales that I thought of as great or finales that I thought of as terrible,” he said. “It’s less a question of guessing what an audience is going to like and more trying to honor the show and its characters and the plotline. Let the chips fall where they may.”